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About quarantine, tatting and my little angel!

About quarantine, tatting and my little angel!

Hello everyone! Oh, I have not written posts on my blog for a long time. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I hope all my readers and subscribers are healthy too. Take care of yourself!

My husband and I live in a suburb where there are very few neighbors. This is convenient in this situation. Therefore, our seven-year-old granddaughter now came to us from Kiev (this is not close 🙂 ). I have no words to describe our love for grandchildren! Yes, the little angels in the house are a real miracle. Give them your love, your time and your care. Then you will receive in response the shining eyes and the sincere loving heart of the child.

A walk through the spring forest is a great pleasure.

I also want to boast of my talented and capable granddaughter. I started teaching my girl how to weave a lace with tatting needle. Look at her first job! (The yellow butterfly is my pattern).

But I must admit that I have very little time left for my tatting. I planned to create a new pattern by early May. But it is obvious that I will not have time to finish the work by the scheduled date. Although, where to rush?

My new idea is gradually being implemented, and I am pleased with the result.

I’ll tell you next time more about quarantine, tatting and my little angel.

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2 thoughts on “About quarantine, tatting and my little angel!

  1. Your granddaughter is so adorable – and talented like her grandma.Keep safe.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, dear Polina. Take care of yourself too!

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