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How to use fabric scraps

How to use fabric scraps, or what I can do.

How to use fabric scraps

Hello everyone! If you follow me on social networks, you have seen my new work tatting. These are the seven bookmarks of the Chakras. Ah, making two orders in two weeks was not easy! Eyes and hands are a little tired. So I decided to take a break from lace and clean up my craftroom.


I’m sure many of my subscribers own several types of needlework. Therefore, you know that it is impossible to put things in order in the workshop without destroying the “stocks”. But throwing away even a small piece of fabric is IMPOSSIBLE! Do you agree? So, I started with a big box of scraps. I had an idea and it took two days to implement it.


First, I ironed all the pieces of fabric. Moreover, I did not select fabrics by texture or color, so as not to waste time.

How to use fabric scraps

Then I cut a lot of squares and rectangles. To speed up and facilitate the process, I used a patchwork ruler as a template. And I got the same width of all the pieces – 2.5 inches. By the way, the roller knife helped me to cope with this work wonderfully!

How to use fabric scraps

Then I sewed small pieces into long strips. Of course, all the seams must be ironed out. I thought that the connection of small pieces would be too colorful, so I prepared long strips of “zebra” fabric.

How to use fabric scraps

Now the fun begins! I sewed all the strips diagonally onto a base of light dense fabric and synthetic winterizer. I also stitched each strip, pinning the layers together. To adjust the fabric while sewing, I use an interstitial fixture. If you liked my special “thimble”, write in the comments!

How to use fabric scraps

And at the end of the work, I sewed strips of black dense fabric along the edges of the “variegated disgrace”. The result of my cleaning in the workshop: minus two bags of fabric scraps, minus two sheets of PVC, minus one old tablecloth, minus a bag of sintepon scraps and plus two empty boxes. You see the result in the photo!

So, I showed how to use fabric scraps. In addition to tatting and sewing, I own many other types of needlework. What kind of needlework do you do? Write about it in the comments, I’m very interested. Support my blog, subscribe and share on social networks, thanks!

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6 thoughts on “How to use fabric scraps

  1. I embroidery towels and hankies. Then edge with tatting. I learned embroidery as a young married woman. My mother in law taught me how. I have done pillow cases too.

    1. Thanks for supporting my blog and commenting, Cynthia! Yes, embroidery combined with a lace border looks very stylish. And I think it’s always fashionable.

  2. Моя дорога Олена,
    О, Олено, твій проект ковдри зі зрізаної тканини просто чудовий!! Я ДУЖЕ заздрю ​​вашій швейній машині Bernina. Я ДУЖЕ радий, що ви благословенні мати цю чудову швейну машинку!!

    Я дуже радий, що ви можете майструвати, особливо в цей важкий і страшний час 🙂

    Благословення Вам, Вашій родині, Вашим друзям, Вашим домашнім тваринам і кожній людині та тварині в Україні!!

    1. Thank you so much dear Nancy for your support and kind words! Alas, this is such a difficult time for me, my family and my country. Needlework helps me deal with stress.
      And a deep bow to you from me, my dear, for commenting in Ukrainian!

  3. What a wonderful way to use up fabric scraps!

    I mostly spin, weave, knit and crochet. But I don’t weave much anymore because I only have a small rigid heddle loom. When I moved to a small house, I didn’t have room for my floor loom.

    1. Thanks for the comment and kind words, Rosemary! I imagine how exciting it is to do weaving. Too bad it takes up a lot of space. Oh, if every needlewoman had a workshop the size of a golf course…

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