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Cute tatting ring, final.

I shared a master class how to make a cute tatting ring in a previous post
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At your request, today I will tell you in detail how to stabilize the lace ring. This is my personal experience, and you can use other methods.

So our ring is woven.

Then prepare a fixing solution. It can be a mixture of PVA glue and water, a sugar solution or gelatin. I do not recommend using sugar. Products impregnated with sugar solution look attractive, of course! But these products cannot be washed – sugar is absorbed into fibers and threads can crumble from water. Believe me, I saw it with my eyes!
I do machine embroidery, so I have a lot scraps of soluble stabilizer. I take several pieces of the stabilizer, dip them in a glass bowl and pour warm water on it. The solution is ready!

After that measure the thickness of your finger ( my finger in thickness 5,5 cm). Find a template of the appropriate size. You can use the ring sizer. But I found a plastic pipe with a diameter of 5,5cm (in garage of my husband! ) . This is what I need!

Next put the ring on the pipe. Use a sponge or a piece of cotton wool to apply the solution to the threads, giving the ring a pipe shape. Soak the threads well, pat the excess solution with a dry cloth.

Leave to dry. If you need fast, use a hairdryer!

After complete drying, the ring can be removed from the pipe. Be careful, not pull the ring so as not to deform the shape. Holding the ring with your right hand, rotate the pipe. Your lace ring is ready!

And finally one more trick! You can wash the ring by putting it on this pipe. First, soak the ring with soap and water using a sponge, and then rinse the soap with warm water. You do not have to straighten out each picot, sponge and pipe will do it!

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Free tatting pattern. How to make cute tatting ring.

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Dear fans of Tatting art! So, I bring to your attention free tatting pattern. Want to make one of these cute rings? Because these cute rings will delight lovers of light and unusual jewelry.

It is very easy! Just follow the instructions. 🙂 You will need:

Wind 30-40 cm of thread onto the shuttle; do not cut the thread. (You can replace the shuttle with a needle, the pattern works for needle tatting too).

Now attach the knitting marker ( or paper clip )to the thread.

Then tat according to pattern. The pattern consists only of chains.


C – chain;
p – picot;
tw – turn the work;

numbers indicate the number of double stitches.

  1. C: 2, p, 1, p , 1, p, 1, p, 1, p, 1, p, 1, p, 2, attach the second marker, tw;

✩ 2. C: 2, p, 1, p, 1, p, 1, p, 1, p, 1, p, 1, p, 2, attach the Chain to third picot of previous Chain, tw;   Repeat from ✩ to 10 Chain ( or to the length you need ); 10. C: 2, p, 1, p, 1, p, 1, p, 1 (remove the second marker and attach Chain through joining picot, as shown in the pattern), 1, p, 1, p, 2;

Remove the first marker, connect the end work with the beginning work and the fifth picot of the Chain#9 (see pattern);

Tie and cut. Congratulations! Your cute tatting ring is ready! I hope this free tatting pattern comes in handy!

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