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My perfect wedding anniversary

My perfect wedding anniversary , or how I wanted to become a perfectionist. 🙂

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In January, my husband and I had a wedding anniversary. My handsome man gave me an amazing pair of champagne glasses. These are such beautiful glasses, I was delighted! But there is no limit to perfection. And I decided to surprise my husband. You know that I’m a fan of tatting. And my blog is about this art form (mostly, of course). So I wanted to decorate our glasses with lace. But the lace should be original and unusual, right? Otherwise my perfect wedding anniversary will not be perfect. Such thoughts overwhelmed my incapable head, ha-ha!

Two glasses for the bride and groom look great in “clothes”. It should look like a white lace bride dress and a suit with a bow tie for a man. Of course, I made a very quickly black bow for a “man’s” glass. And I had to work hard on the magnificent skirt of the “bride”.

If you want to make such a 3D bow, the pattern can be bought here:

I took a small piece of light transparent tulle to make my lace skirt very fluffy.

Then I glued the black and white silk ribbon onto the glasses using double-sided tape. Then I fixed a black bow and a fluffy skirt on glass goblets. And voila! You can see what I got as a result. I heard a lot of compliments from my beloved husband!

My perfect wedding anniversary
My perfect wedding anniversary

Our wedding anniversary is long gone, but you can write your congratulations in the comments. I will be very pleased. And also share what decorations you make for family celebrations.

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  1. These are so charming and creative! What thread did you use?

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Bebe! I used polyester number 40. This is a thin but very durable thread. You can read about the threads I use on my blog here:

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